Saturday, October 26, 2013

Peacock Pair!

My good friend, study buddy and former roommate Martha received a pair of earrings from me last year. Unfortunately, one of the beads was defective and splintered (I think they were amethyst) so I told her to send them back so I could fix them.

Originally, she had requested that I make a pair that followed the color scheme in a peacock's feather. The pair I made last year was very simple, with only a drop-shaped mother of pearl bead and the amethyst beads above the drops.  I decided to bling out the drops and add some more length to the pair, since I know Martha is a flashy, fancy dresser.  :)  I just got some new chain and spacers, so I wanted to use some of those as well. 

The building blocks and color reference


Hope she likes them! ^_^ 

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